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Patient Testimonials for Dr. J. Clark Butler

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Walton R.

  • Shoulder cuff repair

“I just wanted to thank you for the shoulder cuff repair. I must say the recovery period was at times endless it was all worth the wait. Although my golf game has not improved I am pain free and the shoulder is GREAT!! Please forward my thanks to Dr Feathers also for his diagnosis.”

Lee McMillan

  • Knee Surgery

“Dr. Butler is an example of what a good doctor is. His bedside manner and and caring spirit are outstanding. He took great care of me and let my wife know all the was going on the day of the surgery. He made her at ease and the whole process was exceptional. Clark is a great Christian man and he is someone i am proud to call my friend.”


  • Surgery
Damian 's photo

“Ok it was the summer of 2004 Friday night and I had gone bowling that day and bowled quiet a lot. lol after 4 hours of bowling I called it a night however my leg was in pain but I paid no mind to it as I thought it was just sore from all the bowling. I went home and the pain was increasing rather quickly so I decided to go to Georgetown hospital where I was diagnosed with chin splints. So I was sent home however my pain was still increasing rapidly. After 4 hours I went back to Georgetown hospital and this time I was diagnosed with cellulitis. Was given some pain meds and sent home. But the meds were not alleviating my pain at all!!! Now it's Sunday morning I had gone to the hospital twice on Saturday and now it's Sunday morning and with no sleep because the pain was just too much. I went to waccamaw hospital which is 30 minutes from where I lived and I was also diagnosed with cellulitis I guess I can understand why due to the fact it's a community hospital and would follow same protocol. At this time I was furious,in pain,and frustrated that the pain in my leg was like a machete tearing down on me. I decided to give it one more shot I drove an hour away to grand strand regional hospital in myrtle beach. And that's where I met Dr butler where he automatically knew there was something wrong and decided to keep me overnight for further testing and evaluation. That following morning I was rushed to surgery to release the pressure inside my leg the Dr butler told me. And had a second surgery to remove the remaining dead muscle tissue that was left and it was a lot. That I can't never lift my foot again. Compartment syndrome. That's what I had and Dr butler was able to recognize it as soon as he could unfortunately I wish I would of gone to him first maybe this nightmare would of been prevented. It's been a long time and I'm glad I was able to find this opportunity to thank him for the great work he performed on me and the details and care he shows for his patients. Thankyou Dr Butler I hope you remember my case. ”


  • Knee injury

“I injured my knee and saw an orthopedist at a different office.....after 5 months of no improvement I called my PCP and asked her to refer me to someone. She recommended Dr. Butler...and I'm so happy that she did! With a short course of medicine and a topical cream, the pain I experienced for 5 months was gone! Thanks Dr. Butler! Being a long-time arthritis sufferer with my knees, I'm sure I'll see you again.”

Kelvin G.

  • Knee injury/surgery

“In March 2016 I injured my knee. My family doctor recommended Strand Orthopaedics for further follow up treatment. Dr. Butler has been my attending physician since the initial assessment, the surgery to follow and the follow up treatment. The service received has been truly awesome. He and the staff is always very courteous and professional. Very Pleasant and welcoming environment every time I've visited for an appointment. Big thanks thus far to Dr. Butler and the staff for their hard work and dedication to improving the health and wellness of individuals in need. ”


  • shoulder pain

“I was referred to Dr. Butler, by a friend. I have been very active with sports. I was suddenly experiencing pain with movement, in my shoulder, without any specific injury. I met with Dr. Butler. I feel like he really listened to me about my pain and my shoulder issues. He ordered an MRI. Afterwards, I came back for the results and told me what my options were my care and for pain relief. I feel like he takes the time to really care for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Butler!”


  • knee injury

“I came to see Dr. Butler, after an injury to my knee. I was in a lot of pain and needed surgery. Dr. Butler had me scheduled for surgery within a few days. He called to check up on me afterwards. He helped me manage my pain and addressed all of my concerns. My family and I are very greatful that we were referred to Dr. Butler. ”

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